Anthropologie, Ikea & Radiohead, Oh My!

So my birthday was Sunday and I got blessed in a very unusual and amazing way. A dear friend of ours gave Mike and I tickets so we could see Radiohead in concert in D.C.

Sunday morning I woke up to a plethora of sweet notes around the house from my sister Kristin. She had put them everywhere... I felt so loved. She also had a card and these eccentric erasers that I'm crazy about. One pack was sushi and the other sweets. I'll have to take pictures so you can understand what I'm talking about!

Libby brought me an English muffin for breakfast on a tray with a home-made paper rose in a vase!

Mike taught class in the morning entitled, "What's the Bible good for anyway?" He did a great job and I look forward to the next 3 Sundays hearing him teach!

So Sunday after worship at church we drove up north and stayed with some very dear friends. Bob & Suzy are expecting their 4th little girl in a matter of weeks... and they allowed us to stay with them in spite of the the fact that they are moving in 2 weeks! Suzy was over the top with fruit smoothies, home-made pizza for dinner,  (she made the dough herself!) and a chocolate cake that was out of this world... and it was gluten-free, made from black beans. It was AMAZING. I'm never going back to making flour cakes! I got to sleep in this morning and I enjoyed the most delicious blueberry cake. Suzy, thanks for treating me like a princess. Ivy's we are so blessed by your generous hospitality!

The concert was excellent. The sound was very clear and not too loud. The music and lights were fantastic. Thom York was hamming it up, dancing around, and singing his heart out. He's got a wonderful voice and has so much emotion when he sings. Mike and I were pleasantly surprised by the bands demeanor. Not jerks at all. Seem to be really nice guys who have fun play amazing music.

Today (Monday) we enjoyed a trip to Anthropologie to get my cousin's wedding gift. Ikea to get a few things for the kiddos. And 2nd & Charles (amazing used book store that sells books, cds, dvds)... We had a blast and stayed well within budget.

Thanks Napiers for watching Libby and Samuel and Williams for watching Ian, Michael and Peter. This could not have been possible without you!

Was blessed by the Lord in sweet ways. So thankful for a fun get-away with my husband. Driving home as we were about to pass the place on the highway where my sister left this earth and went to be with Jesus I looked up and saw a Rainbow. At first I just saw half of a one... and then I saw a part of another one! Then the first one became a FULL rainbow... and the second one did two! I could see 2 full arches of rainbow. Beautiful. It melted my heart and encouraged me. Kisses from Heaven.


What a sweet blessing from God to have a double rainbow at that special moment. One rainbow would have been great but it is extra special when their are two;~) We love you guys and think of you often.

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