A Pirate's Life for Me...

This past April the twins , Ian & Michael, celebrated their 4th birthdays in style. Nothing like a pirate theme to kick-off a swashbuckling time. Swords, Maps, Buried treasure and of course cupcakes. A fun time was had by all. Although plans had to be altered due to rain nothing dampened the spirits of these young pirates.
Birthday Pirate #1: Ian
Birthday Pirate #2: Michael

Peter reveling in the party

The pirate captain, Libby.
Michael loves Alexis' snuggles!
Peter is waiting for sweets to be unburied.

No Michael hasn't started smoking. That's a lollipop hanging from his lips.

"Aaaargh!" says fierce Samuel.

A pirate and his sword
A Map Discovered
Nothing like  a treasure hunt to get the blood pumping 
Waiting for Libby to retrieve the next clue... from out in the rain.

another clue...
What's going on?

A box within a box...

Pirate's booty!
Great Grandma helps open a treasure bag.


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