My sweet boy.

                                                                                         Peter Joel is quite the thinker. He's pretty serious a lot of the time. He does love to smile though and he's great at making his siblings laugh. He loves to ham it up. Once he knows his sister and brothers find something amusing he instantly repeats it. I'm so blessed to have my 5 children. So blessed by their unique giftings and personalities. I am blessed to be their Mama.

Peter Joel, Peter Joel
What do you see?
The world around you
so very interesting.

So much to dream about
So munch to ponder.
Your eyes show it all
They are so full of wonder.

Your little angel face
Your smile so bright
You bring joy to those around you
Your laugh such a delight.

Peter Joel, Peter Joel
Who loves you?
Your Mama! Your Papa!
Your sister and brothers too!


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