all a jumble.

I have been having mania at night lately. I'm unable to sleep because I'm too full of energy. I wish I could bottle up the energy and go to bed and then drink it up in the morning when I need it. I wake up drained and tired. I'm not having caffeine late in the day. I'm not doing anything unusual but I'm just up. I want to fix the world or at least my house or my bedroom or just me.

I'm agitated. Emotionally strung-out. Burnt out and exhausted. Maintaining the house and trying to keep things fun for the kids. We've been bowling. We've made home-made ice-cream. Banana chocolate chip muffins. We've played fun games and built forts and had movies and popcorn. We've had grilled cheese on rainy days and cocoa and s'mores. We've played with play dough and colored. They've gotten thoroughly hosed down outside and then they threw sand at each other. Eeek. We've so many fun things ahead of us as well. zoo. botanical gardens. more bowling ;)

Michael has been having therapy 3 days a week. Physical therapy 3 times a week and speech once a week. It's been wearing me out.

I think it's time for a rest and a break. A time to stop and relax and read a good book. Savor a cup of tea.

I'm excited that my Grandma (dad's mom) is coming over tomorrow to have lunch with us. I'm taking the boys to get haircuts in the morning. I have to make snack for caregroup.

Days are full. I have had pink eye. Samuel's hearing seems to be getting worse and I need to call the audiologist office again. I found some new shoes at the thrift stores for the boys and some fun dressy sandals for Libby.

The kids have been loving that my Grandmother (my mom's mom) lives with us. They are so glad to see great-grandmother every day.

so there are my thoughts. unedited. jumbled. flying from every which way out of this tired head. and off to bed. and to sleep... and perchance to dream...


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