CT Scans & the Significance of Saving Turtles.

Samuel has a CT scan. We leave in just ten minutes to make sure we make it to the Children's Hospital in a hour. My sleep hasn't been very good lately so don't be surprised to see me correlating my son's upcoming cancer check with saving turtles.

Turtles have always been significant for me growing up. My Dad taught me to love turtles with a fierce protective passion.

Recently I accidentally hit a turtle. I heard the crunch under the wheel. I had been driving on a curved road and I didn't realize until too late what was approaching. I felt sick. There's something for me that felt inhumane killing that turtle. Of course it was an accident but it hurt me in a way that it wouldn't have hurt if it was something I cared less about... say an opossum.

I remember being a small girl and driving with my Dad on a country road. He would pull the car over to the side and get out and help turtles cross the road. Here's the key. You have to take them to where they were heading. If you pick up a turtle and put him back the other way then he will turn around and continue crossing the road again. So take them to where they are headed. They have this amazing internal GPS and they know where they want to go.

Somehow I equate turtles as sacred as valuable. And so is life. And so, this saving turtles is just a small thing in light of how important my son's life is to me. Samuel is more than a million turtles to me. And so I trust Jesus with the sacred. I pray and I ask Him for mercy. I lean and depend on His faithfulness and rest in the fact that He loves Samuel even more than me.

Well, it's that time. Time to walk out the door. Time to go the Hospital. And maybe on the way, save a turtle.


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