Surgery Thursday & other life events

Michael saw Dr. Kuhn yesterday and she concurred that he does indeed need surgery. He's been set up for this Thursday (the 6h). It should be quick and he will be outpatient. Praying that he recovers and heals quickly! Been a crazy time of him having pain. I feel terrible for the delayed reaction on this but it's hard to know how much has been psychological pain; he talks about wanting his g-tube back all the time, and the physical pain.

Libby turned in her science project today. Phew. What a relief. 6 pages to fill out and a diorama on top of it all (Cheetah's environment/habitat). Field day for twins on Friday and Ian's end-of-year party. Next week is 3 end of school year parties.a

Samuel was nominated citizen of the month but we have yet to receive the info and I think the award ceremony is Thursday... same day as Michael's surgery.

Dentist again for me tomorrow. Dentist for Samuel Friday.

I need to pick up medical supplies for Michael today and my medicine at Target. I need to return late library items. I need to buy a new mattress for Samuel.... which Libby will be sharing with him for the next few weeks...

So much happening.

And my Grandmother, Aunty and cousin come Wednesday from Texas! I'm very excited but I need to be a cleaning machine today! Trying to trust the Lord with all these things.
I think I should just go back to bed...

Anxiety about Samuel's scan is seeping into my tone of voice. Having a hard time falling asleep. Reliving his chemo/radiation treatment days. My heads been in a downward vortex. Hard time sleeping. Not enough sleep. Exhaustion. I've been edgy lately. Off to exercise so I don't bite anyone's head off!

Trusting the Lord with Samuel again today and with Michael as well. All of my kids in fact. And that the Lord will uphold me by His mighty right hand!


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