Answered Prayer.

I'm sitting on my bed with my almost finished knitting project on my lap.  Ian just finished eating and is peacefully sleeping (definition of a miracle).  Mike's at the hospital with Michael.

Here's the news:  Michael is supposed to be coming home tomorrow.  He will still have a In-D tube.  This runs through his nose, back of the throat, past the stomach and into the duodenum... henceforth the "D".  This is a wee bit nervewracking because if it messes up or gets pulled out we have to go to the hospital to have it put back in.  Our home health team is working on making sure we have nurses to help us out and keep checking on us.

In two weeks Michael will have the surgery to correct the reflux.  The condition is he must weigh 4 kilos (about 8lbs. 12 or so oz.).  So we must fatten this little one up :)  We're happy though because we will have the surgeon who can do it laproscopically instead of opening up his chest.  I feel glad that he will have the surgery in two weeks and not in a minimum of 2 months.  Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray that he can keep his feeding tube in until then.... that he won't have any more apneas... and that we can fatten him up!  Thanks for your prayers!

BTW- I ate some chocolate today and am feeling much better :)


Anonymous said…
ndmother and I love you guys very much and keep you in our prayers daily. Lots of Love,

Aunt Barb and Grandmother Bette
Anonymous said…
Sorry about the first part of my note. I said we pray for strength and wisdom and real rest . I pray each hour you get to sleep -affects your body as if it was 2 hours. I love all the pictures!! Keep them coming! Much love, Aunt Barb and Grandmother Bette. XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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