Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Dude, You Have Serious Thrill Issues."

My dear father-in-law reminded me of this quote from Finding Nemo.  Yes people, we do have serious thrill issues.  I think we won't know what to do if our lives ever settles down and we don't have adrenaline coursing through our veins every couple of weeks.

yesterday was intense.  Probably as intense as the day Samuel "tried to die" when he was 7 months old but this time it's with our 10 week old Michael.  Things are stable though now.  His white cell count looks good; he doesn't have the flu or RSV.  He's getting an MRI today and he had an EEG today (his brain looks good!).  He just keeps on having apnic episodes so they put him on caffeine to try to keep him stimulated.  His oxygen saturation seems to be stable.  Yesterday it would drop to as low as 50%... not good.

Anyway, we'll try to keep you update.  And we don't want any more "thrills" so to speak right now.  Very glad Michael is alive.  



Ginger said...

I was praying for you all today, Jenn. Glad to check in and see the good news.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the update Jennifer - will keep praying for you all.