My Swedish Sister.

My dearest Swedish sister is here.  Her name is Sara and we met in Australia while working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS).  her flight was delayed due to storms on Thursday and she didn't arrive until well after midnight but we have already made the most of our time.
On Friday morning we went and had pancakes with the kids and Fafa (my mother-in-law) at IHOP.  She loves American pancakes and we all had a great time.  We drove thru for some Starbucks on the way back home.  My mom came over later in the afternoon to hold down the fort (watch all 4 kids!) and we went out shopping for the day.  It was a success.  New clothes for her daughter Thea and her new baby (due in November) and some fun items for her and her family.  
It has been such a blessing to have my friend here.  A comfort and joy.


Anonymous said…

Thanks for including me in on the fun and joy of spending time with my daughter, grandkido;s and to get to know Sara aka Sada. What a fun and BUSY time. Oh my, Jen, you do have some wild and crazy days ahead as well as those already have had. My mantra during those days were" and this too shall pass." Now I ponder on how fast those days went. So happy that you are enjoying your husband, kids, family and AMAZE me. Love you much
Anonymous said…
Yay! Sara! What a wonderful friend and sister she is. :) So grateful you have this time together.

Give her hugs for me!

Love you,


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