My little monkey.

I love to watch Samuel interact with Mike.  He laughs, plays, screams, yells, runs around and treats Mike like his personal jungle gym.  I love to see Samuel laugh and see his cute dimples when he smiles.  Samuel is very lean.  By that I mean he's very skinny but strong as an ox.  His language skills have been improving and some of my favorite new expressions are: while chasing after Libby, "Leeettttss go!" or "Waaaaaaiiiiit!"

Hm, I guess I just grow more in love with my kids everyday.  I love you Samuel.


Anonymous said…
What a great picture of Samuel and he is such a sweet, joyful boy. We loved having him and Miss Libby for an overnight. What gifts from the Lord and you and Mike are doing such a great job...looking froward to when we can keep all the do you all do it???
Blessings to you all and glad you are feeling better. Wonderful tribute to your dear Mom. She is all that and more.

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