"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."

Hmmm.... my name.  I really like to be called Jennifer.  Most people call me Jenn.  It's funny.  When I introduce myself to people they either automatically start calling me Jenn when I tell them my name is Jennifer either that or I'm introduced  as Jenn.


It's really not a big deal.  But I thought maybe, just maybe if I put it on my blog people might start calling me Jennifer.  I really like my name.  So there it is.


Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, great post! Funny thing is, I actually knew that ... I have my source. :-)
Katherine M. said…
Jennifer, I'm glad you told us. Happy to call you Jennifer. I'll be in touch later this week. Love you!
Michelle said…
Do I call you Jennifer or Jenn? I know you prefer Jennifer so when I'm thinking of it I say Jennifer. But I'm wondering if Jenn sneaks out when I'm not thinking. The same thing happens with Catherine. I try to say Catherine but most often Cath comes out of my mouth. You poor people... :/
Anonymous said…
Jenn ifer
I am the worst but don't remember, duh, and cannot swear I will slip at times.......but I hope you know that I love you and I will try to say Jennifer.
love you,
Barbara said…
We should come up with a name for that nickname syndrome...I too miss hearing my full name. :-)
AmyB said…
I'm with Michelle on this one...I know you prefer Jennifer, but Jenn just always seems to pop out! I guess I'll have to come up with another nickname for ya....Jennie-poo? :-) LOVE YOU!
Lizzy said…
wow! this is gonna be a hard one since i've known you for YEARS as Jenn...but i'll try!! hee hee. ;o)
Catherine said…
I know exactly how you feel! Unfortunately, I think I'm a culprit and call you Jenn. Or even worse - Jen!

I've always preferred full names - they sound so much more grown up. Not easy getting people to change though - I have a guy friend who continues to call me "the artist formerly known as Cathy."

And just for the record, Meesh, close friends can call me Cath (or Cith in your case), but no Cathy! I know, I'm so fussy!
anne said…
Jennifer I love your name too, and since you love your full name you should want to be called by it.
I had a friend who we called Jon but one day he decided he wanted to be called by his full name, Jonathan and has stuck with making people say it, and now we wouldn't know him as anything else!
You go girl!
Anonymous said…
Precious Jennifer Leigh....If my recall isn't too fuzzy, I remember way back when you were born and for at least two years after (give or take a little), I would hear your Mom always say,... "Her name is Jennifer, not Jenn". So welcome back Jennifer to us earthlings given to take shortcuts in names,.... but whose name is forever preciously written boldly in the Lamb's Book of Life....Jennifer Leigh Wratten Napier and never a shortcut version. XOXOXO Grandma
wendy said…
I am so glad you shared this...I usually ask preference and don't think I ever asked you. I would love to call you Jennifer and am honored to call you friend.

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