Papa's Girl.

There is something breathtakingly precious about the way Mike loves our daughter, Libby.  She loves and trusts her Papa! She is sad when he leaves for work and eagerly anticipates seeing him every day when gets home.  Recently Mike took Libby on a date.  As she was getting ready to leave she even let me "twizzle" (braid) her hair so that she could look extra pretty for Papa. They went to a Chinese Pagoda in Norfolk and looked at the fish in a huge koi pond.  She was very eager to tell me all about her date.  She got to have a cookie and a "special milk" (chocolate milk) from Starbucks and they went and looked at the big fish!  The next day she asked me if they were going to do it again.  I told her not today.  I love that she looks forward to time with Mike.  She's definitely Papa's girl!


Anonymous said…
So very hard warming to see the bond between Libby and woman we know the importance of a healhty relationship between Daddy and Daughter,,,,,
What a sweet girl and good Papa.......

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