10 hours later...

What a trip! It took 10 hours to arrive at the Williams. I was up at 6. We left at 10 a.m. Broke down twice. Thank God for AAA.

First time we broke down we were leaving Chick-fil-A. The car started but messed up when I turned on the headlights. So I turned it off (big mistake) and tried to restart. It wouldn't. So I made the most of it and kept a positive attitude. I had a really bad headache when we had stopped for lunch. I took Tylenol. It felt like a Migraine coming on. Then I smashed my head with my sunglasses on the top of my head and really hurt my head. Then I pinched my finger in the door. Then I discovered the car wasn't working.... sounds fun, huh? I kept trying and trying.

I then made some calls. Took the kids out of the car and let them run around. The kids ran in a grassy patch and we had running races. Everyone's belly was full and was in a general good mood. We kicked around a soccer ball. Samuel even helped gather discarded beer bottles. Yes, recycling on the go :)

The tow truck came super quick and was able to jump us. He had 3 small children so was very understanding. He let Samuel "help" him fix the car. He helped me gather the wipes boxes and sippy cups and put them in the car. I got all the kids back in the car. The battery is fine. It's the alternator. We couldn't use the headlights or the a.c. or the radio, etc. So the kids and I were dripping sweat and praying like crazy. So we hobbled 90 more miles and stopped again.

Laura came and met us over an hour away. Waited an hour for the tow truck. drove back over an hour to her house. My head was about to split open. The kids were boisterous and noisy. We arrived at 8 p.m. I laid on the couch to recover. When I felt like I could sit up without throwing up I got up and joined them.

Laura had made the yummiest lasagna. It was delicious. So kids are in bed. My headache is gone and I've just added another "story" to the book of my life.

So our 5 1/2 hour trip took 10 hours. The kids were amazing and cheerful. They were quick to obey. Libby has been very compassionate about my headache and told me she would pray Jesus would make it better and that I would feel better tomorrow. Samuel didn't fuss when we had to leave Chick-fil-A play place. The twins were really good. I was able to break-down in a safe place. I'm so thankful we weren't stuck on the highway! We had food. I had enough diapers. I had plenty of water/milk available and snacks. The kids ran around... So all in all an amazing day. I'm so thankful the Lord intervened and allowed for me to see my circumstances the way I did.

I'm so thankful to be safe and in bed with a full tummy and dear friends all around me. The car was towed to a mechanic that Laura knew to be reliable. He's their next door neighbor- convenient, huh?! Thank you Lord for looking out for me and my little ones!


Kate Van said…
Jennifer, I'm always encouraged by the way you see God's grace in the lives of your little ones and in the details. Sounds like a rough road but the Lord got you there all safe and sound!

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