Home again.

We arrived back home from Charlotte last night. Mike flew down in the morning and drove us back. I was so thankful he was there. It rained the entire ride home and all I could think about was my sister's car accident.

But we're here safe and sound. The kids had school today. Libby has ballet. Michael has his GI appt. And I have an important assessment meeting for Michael this afternoon.

So to sum up our trip: 2 car break-downs. My friend bringing Dunkin Donuts coffee & donuts (of course). Picard being put down. Libby being sick with a 103 fever and having to take her to urgent care. Swine flue? Tema-flu medicine and insurance. Time with LiAnn and Laura in down-town Davidson. Ice-cream. Tears. Trip to Target with alexis, Thomas, courtney, michael & Samuel. 7 Scrapbook Pages. Some knitting. A great game of clue. Tons of pictures. A sausage & egg biscuit with hasbrowns. Home-made applesauce. It was quite a trip!

Need to finish unpacking and re-arrange the kids room. We just gave Libby her "own" bedroom as a surprise but the kids rooms are still in disorder. All 3 boys are in the same room now! I've had sinus issues and a bad headache that won't disappear. Trying to catch up on all the paper work and things that are going on... Whew!

I'm going to lay down to take a nap for an hour.


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