Sit a spell.

What is that sunshine? Is there life out there? Life outside of myself? Life outside of my own head, my thoughts?


Why Yes! Thank God! Sickness has passed. a trifling cough lingers but otherwise all is well.

I've been enjoying becoming human again... a shower does wonders. I took the twins and did physical therapy at the playground at the mall just for a change of pace. Again, marvelous to see fellow beings of the human race.

I'm at Starbucks... don't sigh. Yes, I'm an addict. But it's not the coffee... not really anyway. It's the atmosphere. It's seeing Mary's face at the cash register or talking with an old co-worker Todd who now manages the store... I love hearing how his wife Luce is doing... and their bambinos. She's a fellow co-worker of mine as well.

I love sitting in the comfy chair and kicking off my shoes.... whether they be flip-flops, crocs or something with heels... and just getting indian-style. I drink a big cup of iced water and unwind. It's really the smell of the coffee in the air... of bumping into a person you know... or maybe 2 or 3 or 20. It's writing 5 pages in my novel before I realized I should stop and take a breath.

I'm in the same room where I told someone I was pregnant... and told someone my sister died. This room holds so much emotion. Coming to grips with an alcoholics addiction and writing my wedding invitations.

It's the place I come to so I can grieve. The place I come to so I can pray. The place where I love to meet friends. The place I come to when I want to laugh. The place where I can come when I want to be alone (just insert earphones).

I've written essays for college and a letter to a friend in a foreign country telling her of my broken heart. I was at Starbucks starting my training as a barista on September 11th. I wrote my sister's wedding speech here. Sigh.

So you might wonder, why Starbucks? It's my third place. And yes, I know I sound too much like an advertisement. I think I always sound that way on anything I'm truly sold on.

And now a time to sit. And drink my iced water and work on my novel... and nibble on my pumpkin cheesecake muffin...

Everyone should have their own "place". I never thought my place would be Starbucks, but it is.


Oh Jenn,
I love to read everything you write, you have a way of always making me smile. I love the way you look at life even when it seams to just fall apart from under you. I only wish I could see things like you do. What a blessing you are in my life, even though we don't see each other often your words speak to my heart.I miss you friend, I am glad you are feeling a bit bettr, glad the lil' ones are well. See you soon and hoe to spent time with you sooner (if that is even a word) lol. Lots of Love Tiffani
Anonymous said…
Love you, JL. Enjoy your time there. It's okay to do that. ;)

Just a few more days...

Sara of Sweden said…
Oh how I wish I could be there with you and enjoy that coffee and talk about life...someday dear friend, someday!

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