Don't Cry Shop Girl. Don't Cry.

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One of my absolute all-time favorite movies is You've Got Mail. It's pretty much my comfort movie. I don't know why but it creates some magical happy place in me when I watch it. It's sweet, tender and funny and well, what's more pleasant than New York in spring?

The line at the end is so the clencher... "Don't Cry Shop Girl. Don't Cry." I need my own handkerchief to dab at my eyes.

Aah the emotions of the "cycling" woman. I'm so emotional... I've managed to eat a bag of twizzlers. Now mind you they weren't the family size... they were the "personal" size but they're probably twice the amount you should eat. Blah. I feel like a bloated rollercoaster.

Libby's 5th Birthday was this past Friday... 5. I can't believe it. She had a wonderful day! We had pancakes at IHOP with Mike's parents and my grandmother. It was a complete blast. She had school and had cupcakes and her classmates sang to her. We watched Madeleine and ate pizza for dinner and had birthday cake.

Libby had the best attitude about her birthday. We talked to her weeks in advance and I was afraid of what it would be like when the "big day" came. But she was grateful and thankful and sharing and others-minded. What a blessing!

Saturday we went to one of her classmates birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese. That was an experience.... trying to control my 4 small children in a loud and wild environment. But the fellow parents were helpful and kind. I ended up enjoying talking with one of the moms. The kids had a great time.

Afterward we went to a thrift store and Libby used some of her birthday money to buy a beautiful San Francisco Music Box- a carousel horse (perfect condition)... and a sparkly crazy dress with rainbow butterflies everywhere. We found a shelf with flowers on it and some other things... I'll have to take pictures to show what I'm talking about. What was so fun was having her pick out her own things with her own money. She weighed everything seriously :)

So get the kids back in the car. Pass around water. Kids fall asleep-beautiful thing.

Almost home and I see a yard sale.... and then I see it... a sparkly purple princess bike.... could it be?

Mike and I have been praying for a bike for Libby for the past several months. We've checked out Craig's List and thrift stores.... and here was this bike. or should I say "THE BIKE".

So I stopped. I pulled over to the side to check it out. I bought some books in perfect condition for a few quarters and some brand-new looking shoes for Libby (a dollar a pair!) A sweet set of foam letters (reg. price $25) for a buck!

The bike was $20. I called up Mike and he said YES! So I got it all in the car. Kids still sleeping.

The problem was when I tried to leave. The car managed to get stuck in soft mud and completely ended up tilting to the side into this soft sloped ditch... so much so I couldn't open the door to let the kids out on that side.

The lady (from the yard sale) and her husband came to the rescue. I called my mom and asked her to bring my dad's truck. While we waited the lady got water for us and helped me get the kids out of the car. The kids drank water. Read books and played. My mom arrived and the man went and helped get the vehicles set up to tow. The truck pulled out the huge suburban from the mud! It was amazing.

We left. I thanked the couple profusely and rejoiced that the Lord had provided a quick solution to a tricky problem. Got home and got the babies to bed.

The gentleman told me I needed to hose off the car or the mud would mess up the vehicle... There was mud CAKED everywhere. So I had the kids come out and help me. Libby found her bike and was so excited. I was hosing down the car and the kids were running in an out of the water. I had them strip to their underclothes and they ran around getting completely soaked. We all ended up so wet I decided it was the perfect time to clean out the pool. We have a LARGE plastic pool on the deck. It's been breeding frogs and such and filled with algae and much slime.

I scrubbed and scrubbed. The kids were squealing and laughing helping me drain the water and scrub. We even found some real live frogs in the pool. I hosed us all down to get rid of the algae off of us. I was starting to itch. So I grabbed the kids and we went inside to shower. Libby and Samuel and I were all in the shower... I was shampooing their hair and they were laughing at the soap and wiping off the fog off the glass shower walls.

We all got into our pajamas and headed downstairs to have some dinner.

What a crazy couple of days it's been.

Mike taught his final class at church this morning. It was a circus trying to get all 4 kids up and ready so we could be at church at 8:30... we arrived late again but we were there and the kids were fed, cleaned and diapered. so, take what you can get :)
We served in 7 year olds at children's ministry... so needless to say we were all very tired. The older two went over to Mike's parents. I had the smaller two. Mike had work in the afternoon. I had a relaxing afternoon and then got to go home and take a NAP.

I think nap is another word for blessing!

Libby's birthday party is Saturday morning. Pumpkin decorating and caramel apples. Candy gathering and more... it will be fun!

so ups and downs. God is still faithful. He is our provider. He cares about our needs and even our wants. He answered my daughter's prayer for a bike. He is teaching us contentment in all circumstances and to trust Him! He even allowed me to be calm in the midst of a vehicle almost completely tipped to its side. He provides help in our time of need- trucks and moms and generous strangers!

So I know my Big Daddy God is quick to comfort me and pull out a handkerchief and dab at my eyes and say "Don't Cry my girl. Don't Cry."


Jessica Rockey said…
What a GREAT day! I asked Libby what she wanted for her birthday and she told me a purple bike! God is so specific in hie blessings for us... Amazing! Love you friend!
Anonymous said…
Love that movie too...

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