My favorite yellow lab.

December 8, 1996-October 9, 2009

Picard was such a great dog. A gorgeous yellow lab he served as a seeing eye dog for 8 years to John, my friend Laura's brother. He then was given to Laura and her family during his retirement years. My favorite memory was of him laying beside me when I was sick and on bed-rest with the twins. Picard your are loved and missed!

I was glad we could be here to be a distraction (and hopefully comfort) during this sad time.


Mimi said…
Shedding many tears for Picard and the Williams too. So thankful God took you there to be a comfort to Laura and the kids. Give them hugs from me.
Wasko Family said…
We loved Picard, too. Thanks, Jennifer for posting these pictures! Love, the Waskos

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