Sick in bed... another day. For the past several days I've been sick. You know that neon mucous issue that creates post-nasal drip and makes your tummy ill... and your voice sounds like a frog. Yep. So I'm not getting all the things done that are supposed to be: Libby's invitations, paying for school pictures, remembering people's birthdays, hiring people for Michael's medical waiver, etc.

Instead I'm a lump in bed. Mike told me I need to relax and rest so I can get better faster. I'm surviving with a box to tissues and Benadrly on one side and hand sanitizer and my new Netti Pot on the other.

Sleep is coming...


Anonymous said…
Drip....drip....drip....Is that the rain or your nose. Hmmmm. Hope it all gets dried up a little & soon. are much loved!!
Melinda said…
get better soon friend!! Love you and miss you.. Just read the twilight series over again. That makes me feel better..oh.. and Blimey limey smoothies...he he
i know how you feel jennifer! i ahve been sick for two weeks with bronchitis and sinus infection and then last week, all but one child, got Swine Flu and Pneumonia. i have been laying around for 3 days and this is my first day "back". praying for you!


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