Libby is singing downstairs. Samuel is pretending to be a puppy. I’m hoping they won’t wake the twins up with their playing.

I’m sitting on my bed, actually more like reclining right now, and watching the sad gray sky. It looks like I feel, despondent.

I feel like a thick and heavy fog has descended upon me and won’t lift. Brokenness is something I know well. I am unable to do that which I desire. BUT lest you think God has abandoned me, think again. My hope rests in Him. Because it is not in my work or in my doing but In Christs’! He has rescued this broken, sinful woman and has made me whole. Because I am in Christ I am found perfect, spotless, whole, beautiful, redeemed, chosen, adopted, forgiven, and loved!

This damned depression is not me. It is who I am in Him! It is His work in me that will make me different. So if I do ANYTHING good it is because of HIM!

Today if I untangle my daughter’s jewelry without complaining, if I do 3loads of laundry and wash dishes and feed my children and change their diapers…. All good I have done is because of Him. So now I rest… Free…in the knowing of whose I am.


Anonymous said…
Thinking about you. Smooches to you and yours. ;)

Love you,


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