Sipping on some solace. It takes the form of a cinnamon dulce latte.

Libby threw up all day Saturday but was much recovered by Sunday.

The twins are acting like 2 year olds... well, I guess they ARE only 2 months early. Ornery. Mischievous. And wonderful.

I've been doing a lot of training online for Pampered Chef. Go ahead and quiz me if you see me. I love their stuff and am excited. Great products. Great value. Great service.

Got a haircut today. I love it. Just hope I can style it like this again.

Still am in quite a funk. Hope to move past it soon. The weather is gray and dim and cheerless. Like someone sucked the color out of the world.

Well, the world may be out of sorts but I can still say "It is Well With My Soul!"

Been listening to Radiohead lately (OK Computer). Pretty Much Addicted. Especially the song "Let Down".

Well, off to see my bambinos and make dinner.


Anonymous said…
Happy to see your face. Cute haircut. It's raining here in CA. I LOVE the sunshine we always have (and brag about) but I'm grateful for the soft gray skies today. They seem to bring about moments of contemplation that wouldn't have come otherwise...

Praying for you daily. Love to your bambinos. Excited for your new season. :)


Lizzy said…
yes, very chic cut. love radiohead. brings back great memories of being introduced to them as a teen by none other than your bros-in-law. ha! praying for you.
jmn said…
Haircut is cool. I dig it. Also, you are addicted to my all-time favorite album. Keep enjoying. I predict the next song you will get stuck on is "Lucky". I've been stuck on that one for years.
Kelsey said…
My friend, please listen to this message when you can:

It is excellent.
the Mosers said…
if you ever take your playlist off your blog I'm going to be lost!

wish I could sit with you with your cute haircut, sipping some coffee and sharing the small daily miracles that God does in our lives.

and of course, the music playing in the background! :)

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