My "Impressionists"

I was so proud of myself today. I was working hard...getting ahead...organizing, cleaning, clearing, eliminating, etc. Unbeknownst to me, all during the boys naptime, they were hard at work as well.

They managed to break into my craft area (which is usually locked but wasn't because items were being brought from downstairs to upstairs). And got into fabric paint. It went everywhere... walls, carpet, rugs, train set, bed, sheets, clothes, and of course the TV. I was not a happy camper to say the least.

Surprisingly Michael has been the instigator as of late.

Extreme TV Make-Over

Even the Rug Needs Some Love

A new look for the train set

Be sure to paint the poptart while we're at it!
(Don't even know where the poptart came from...)

Don't forget the wall embellishments. I guess they were adding to the rocket and were inspired by the "outer space" decals in the room.

The Artists.

Lest I forget... they also decided to empty dressers of drawers.

As far as impressionism goes... I'd rather leave it up to Monet and not have such "personal art" all about the house.


Sharon said…
all i can say is 'wow'. i feel exhausted just looking at those pics! i love michael's haircut though :) and now you have me craving poptarts!
Tess Bush said…
love the guilty faces!! Way to take pictures so you can laugh later...since I'm sure you are not in the mood to laugh now. :-)
abbey said…
um. wow. looks exhausting! i don't know if i would've even had "the grace" to take pictures haha! their mischievous faces are great though :)
Rebekah Judd said…
I'm so glad you took those pictures! Adam wrote on the hallway walls for the first time yesterday, and I after I cleaned it up, I realized I should have commemorated the moment. I have a feeling it won't be the last mess I'll have to clean up. Boys are so different, huh?
Jennifer said…
Don't worry Rebekah... I'm sure Adam will have something very special up his sleeve for you. Remember camera first then clean :) It's only taken me a dozen times to try and remember that. Good thing something happens so often. I capture only about 1 in 50 incidents. Oh wait, I'm supposed to encourage you... sorry about that :)

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