Who do you Worship?

My husband recently wrote a post on his blog(super powers) and in this post he discusses the gods we worship. Specifically he was talking about things such as a.c. and how we desperately love comfort. Comfortable temperature.

The same could be said about comfortable furniture or the kind of coffee we like to drink. Hot showers. Warm bed. Clean sheets. Filtered water. Food of choice. Etc.

I was realizing in addition to worshipping comfort that there were other "gods" that we as Americans, and me, in particular struggle with. The "god of productivity" and the "god of efficiency". How often do I find myself measuring my worth by what I have or have not accomplished. By what is complete on my to-do list or the balance there of.

And efficiency.... God forbid I leave a coupon at home. Or make a mistake. Gasp. It's the end of the world. I could have saved two steps if I had done such and such. I wasted a stamp when I could have dropped it off. Or if I don't reuse or recycle something I'm pretty sure it means that I will die... ha.

I'm not advocating wastefulness or poor stewardship... I'm just trying to factor in the fact that we're human and we are NOT perfect!

I realize that I am quick to bow down to efficiency and productivity. I like to do as much as I can in as little time producing the best results and value possible.

But what if I were to wait on the Lord and ask Him what He wants from my day. Maybe He doesn't want me to do that to do list. Maybe He wants me to sit and savor what life has for me that day. Maybe He's more concerned with me loving my kids than scrubbing the toilets or dishes or fish tank.

It's interesting that He never asks me to do more in a day than what can be done in a day. When there is more to be done than can be done that comes from myself or others but not from God.

And I am loved whether I read in bed that day or served 500 orphans. Wow. It's hard to believe that my being loved isn't based on what I have done.

Trying to rest in that love today. Can't sleep. Wide awake. Another exhausting day behind me and probably another one ahead. But I choose to worship God and be enamored with His glory today... not in what I have done or will do, not in my accomplishments or the lack thereof but in Him.


Jessica Rockey said…
Very true words that I've been trying to live by more lately... esp. being a mom.
It's crazy how we can be reading (or writing) these words one day... then completely forget these things the next.
Very encouraging.
Sorry if I'm rambling... I haven't 'worshipped my coffee' yet:) Yes friend, be very proud... your blog BEFORE my coffee:) Love you.
Jennifer said…
Wow. Jess. I'm truly touched. I couldn't sleep last night so I read your blog and laughed myself to sleep. Thank you friend! I'm preaching to myself every time I write on the blog.

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