Swiper, No Swiping!

How many of you have seen Dora the Explorer? If you have then you are familiar with a little fox on the show. His name is Swiper and he has a habit of swiping. So Dora often will tell you to say with her, "Swiper, No Swiping!"

Can we say the same to Peter. He loves to swipe. By that I mean he loves to rake his nails across your face... particularly eyes and nose are a favorite. He just swiped my nose so hard it's been bleeding for the past 10 minutes. The thing is his nails are trimmed. He just really knows how to get you!

We finished nursing for the last time today... because not only does he swipe but he bites. "Biter, no Biting!" All done with that!

Don't let that upside down passy make you think he's innocent!


Kelsey said…
Love, love, love this. xoxo
Tess Bush said…
haha he sure is a cute little "swiper" haha love it!

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