Support Groups.

How many of you are in a support group or maybe even a special interest group? You can go to meetings or find support online. I am in a few. But I qualify for many... Part of me fears being thought of as Marla Singer in Fight Club* finding me randomly showing up to support groups that I don't qualify for. The sad thing is I qualify for all of these... Guess I'm a girl who needs support.

Groups I'm in:
-Weight Watchers.(Love developing my healthy lifestyle and the accountability)
-Moms Helping Moms (a support group for moms who have children with cancer)
-CareGroup/Small Group at church
-SKIBS (you know who you are.)

Other Groups I "qualify" for:

M.O.P.s Mothers of Pre-schoolers. (got those)

M.O.M.s Mothers of Multiples. (have twins)

Grief Share. (went once, would consider being a part of again).

Support Group for those with children with Cerebral Palsy.(would like to explore in the future)

AL-Anon (for Friends and families of problem drinkers AKA: Alcoholics)

Special Needs support group (through CHKD)

Craft Club. Someday... when things aren't so crazy!

Anyway, you get the picture. I could go on and on. My husband and I are deciding to start to go back to a small group at church. And we just found one that's only 25 minutes away... (hey for us that's close).

Sometimes I wish I could do more. There is so much good out there. Learning to say no graciously is an acquired skill. I'm trying... to be honest and to be smart. This girl has to have boundaries!

*Note that i am not advocating reading or watching Fight Club. Never seen or read. Am not endorsing. Don't get me in trouble with your parents if you're under 18 reading this!


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