Friday, October 22, 2010

The latest.

So, I ended up back in the hospital on Wednesday. Contractions were coming every 2 minutes. It turns out I was really dehydrated. So after a full IV bag and some pain meds I went home. Not bad :)

Samuel was being released on Wedensday. So it was quite an interesting game of playing discharge. It's amazing how we do this- flip-flop hospital stays.

Samuel went to clinic today. He looks good. He will chemo again next week and need to be admitted for a 2 day stay. Hopefully it won't be longer than that.

I have a feeling Peter will be arriving in the world next week. I will be 36 weeks on Sunday and it should be an all systems go from there.

Samuel has to get shots administered at home to help bring up his ANC count (part of white blood celll count).

Tomorrow is Libby's 6th birthday. She's terribly excited and has already been spoiled with packages and cards. Hard for her to not feel like a princess I imagine.

So much is happening. Our back doors are replaced! They were rotted and soon we'll be putting in a bit of tile and then carpet. Hurray.

Spoke with social worker today. Good conversation and very helpful.

Mike's still under the weather but we're both on antibiotics now and it's made a world of difference. My sinus infection is cleared up and Mike is better, not perfect and back to self, but much better. I think he's so run down that it's contributing to him not being well.

So, now we wait. I don't have internet at home so sorry for the lack of contact. It's not personal :)

Samuel's having a good day and all the kids are in high spirits. It's so nice. Going to enjoy tomorrow and then maybe have a baby :)


Ashleigh said...

Love you, Jennifer!

Caren said...

I am praying for you Jenn! I am 38 weeks on monday, so *maybe* we'll both have baby news next week! Cant wait to see pictures of your newest little one! Love you all!

Kelsey said...

Glad for the report. Please give Lib kisses and hugs from me. Wish I could be there to celebrate her special day. Praying. Love you. xoxo