After getting attached to Sadie we had to say quick good-byes yesterday. She had been going to the bathroom in the house. I think this was from a change of diet. But Christopher didn't feel like she would be a good fit, apparently the previous owners didn't tell us she was slightly schizofrentic(sp?). Libby and I were pretty devastated and had some good, hard cries. She was such a sweet and gentle dog and so quickly added so much joy to our lives. Libby kept saying, "but she was perfect" and "Samuel didn't even get to meet her."

We had gotten news that Samuel would be coming home tomorrow or Tuesday. But now they think he's suffering from morphine withdrawls and are keeping him longer.

Frustrated, tired, weary and over it would describe my general mood today. I wish the sunshine would come back.

I feel like I need to make a t-shirt that says, "Life is good, but sometimes it sucks."


Caren said…
I'm so sorry you had to say good bye to your puppy. :( Maybe there will be another one out there for you guys. I'm praying for you all!
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, just wanted you to know I'm still thinking and praying for you even though my comments have been less.

By the way, if you find a t-shirt like that, let me know. Although perhaps it should say, "God is good, but sometimes life sucks." :-)
Kelsey said…
I'm sorry about Sadie. I know she was such a comfort at home.

Trusting the Lord that He will bring Samuel home at just the right time.

Life does suck...a lot sometimes. And it's wearisome...

It's okay to say that and believe that God is good and unchanging. He is always our Hope and Refuge.

Praying for sunshine in the storm today. Please give give everyone my love. Wish I could be there to do something to bless you...

Hand massage. Cup of "Oh Boy". Something...

Talk with you soon.

praying the Lord gives you glimpses of sun shine some how today. love you
Jennifer said…
Maybe I will make us those shirts Ashleigh.

Thanks for your comforting words friends!


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