Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Samuel's OR experience today.

Samuel's CVL was supposed to come out today. Unfortunately when he was in the O.R. they did an EKG and saw that he had a clot at the end of his line (which is near his heart). So they stopped everything. He's going to be on anti-coagulants for a couple days and then they will try and do a repeat of the procedure. So he will be in until at least Christmas Eve. This is scary and also disappointing. We had hoped he would be home tomorrow...

So God willing this will work on Thursday and he'll come home on Friday. Next week he will get a new CVL line put in. We will see. So much going on.

Radiation is supposed to start Jan. 12th but it might get delayed if we can't get this 5 day chemo treatment done and then all his evaluation work: CT scan, MRI, bone scan, etc.

So there's the latest on Samuel

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