Tuesday was a typical day... a day of pure madness :)

Trying to get out the door on time I was up at 5:45 a.m. I had very little sleep that night. It's funny how you can't rush a nursing baby... I can't tell Peter... "Hey, get a move on. Eat faster." That's a good thing about babies is they slow you down. That's the hard thing about babies....they slow you down :)

Samuel had to go to radiology for an ultrasound at 8 a.m. We got there on time. He proceeded to throw up all over the waiting room. I caught some in his bucket but he needed a change of clothes... which I happened to forget on the kitchen counter. I set the bucket down because Peter was crying. Samuel then managed to trip on my purse and fall into his puke bucket. Yes, you can imagine the mess.

I cleaned him up and changed his clothes. We were called back to another waiting area and then finally to the room. He screamed during the ultrasound, of course. I finally distracted him with stickers. Then we were done... so I thought. Um, nope. His bladder wasn't full enough. They wanted him to drink 24 oz. I was trying to not laugh at them. Um, he eats through a g-tube I explained and he just threw up everywhere. Thankfully the tech and the dr. were understanding. We had to wait 15 more minutes and do a repeat scan. More screaming from Samuel.

We then went upstairs to the oncology clinic. Oh yes, a blood transfusion. It took two hours this time to get the blood he needed once ordered. They're usually really fast but it was a wait this time. Then they started the transfusion. Thankfully Mike came and relieved me. I went to the store to make a return. I was dragging really badly by this time so I thought it best to get a coffee... a gingerbread latte to be exact. I took a sip, it was delicious.

As I'm standing in line at Target waiting I happen to look for my coffee to take a sip. The cup was completely upside down and my coffee had spilled everywhere. I was disappointed, frustrated, tired, and just plain done.

So, that was a typical day.


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