The Clean Machine.

Michael loves the vacuum cleaner, my Shark Sweeper, the broom and clorox wipes. He likes to clean and he especially likes cords... vacuum cords, cell phone cords, battery charging cords... He will wrap them up all nice and neat and then let it loose again and then wrap it again making perfect loops.

One of Michael's favorite chores is helping unload the dishwasher. The difficulty is when he tries to unload them when they're dirty and still need to be washed. One of the fun things we do is practice words while unloading. "spoon" "fork" "cup" "plate"... trying to avoid "knife" :)


Jessica Rockey said…
Precious. He looks like such a 'big boy'... just to think of all he's been through. Love you friend:)
Kelsey said…
Ridiculous cuteness. Love his genuine smile. You can see all of the love in his heart! xoxo

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