My mini accomplishments.

Wow. Just finished exercising. That may sound like a normal everyday accomplishment but if you ever have had to settle a dispute between 2 three year olds while holding the plank pose than you know what my workouts tend to be like. I had a car pelted at me. And then the child who threw it lied about it... Exciting.

I was told I looked like a puppy at one point... well it was the "cat stretch" and I was told I was a fish when I was doing my flutter kicks on the floor.

I was pestered with "Is it over?" about ten times every couple minutes.

When I finished I was rewarded with, "You're done...Good job, Mom!" I felt so encouraged and then was asked, "Can I have some fruit snacks?" I laughed. Yes. Fruit snacks. Priorities, people. Priorities.


Isabella Hodge said…
haha! this cracks me up! I experience this on a SMALL degree with Edward, but not nearly to the extent you do. I was doing yoga the other day and each exercise that involved me lying down, he very enthusiastically used me to pull himself up ;) fun, fun.
love you friend. I wish I saw you more often :(
Jessica Rockey said…
Every time I put my shoes on (which isn't often) Evangeline yells "Walk! Mom. Walk!" She gets very excited, because she knows she gets away with more when I'm on the treadmill.

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