What was lost...

My children have this propensity to play with weird items. Everyday common items... like my ribbons for crafting. They like the plastic wrapper on any given product. Or my bottles for my breast pump. They also play hide and seek with items... Like cell phones or stuffed animals. I find sippy cups in dresser drawers and socks in cabinets. I also lose items because they have hidden them so well... like car keys or those bottles I was talking about earlier.

I have the habit of rinsing all the parts of the pump in the bathroom sink and then placing them on the counter to dry. Ian got a hold of them. After months and months of searching I found them. In a very random place. My vase with cherry blossoms that is on a side table in my bathroom. I had no idea. The vase is black and long and unless you intentionally look inside you would never think to find anything in there...

You win Ian. That took me several months to find. Way to go buddy.
The Little Instigator


Isabella Hodge said…
sweet smile! what a cutie

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