MMMMMMMM....I like Chick-fil-a... A LOT!!! Today is cow appreciation day. If you dress like a cow (from head to foot) you get a free meal... if you dress and have a little cow bling or half hearted something (partial costume) about loving you some chikin they will give you a free entree. It's so worth it. Go here for more info.

Took the kids for breakfast... Delish.

Then went to a different store for lunch... but saving the meals for dinner. I have a caesar wrap for dinner :) Kids have nuggets and fruit cups. Yeah!

So fun. And they made the cutest cow... silly me forgot to take any pictures... again (3rd year in a row... still forgetting to take pics)... but the manager at the first store took a pic and will put it on facebook. so there you go... eventually I will show you how cute they were.

P.S. I know today is Friday but cut me some slack :)


Jessica Rockey said…
Did you get pictures?! My camera died after one picture of Evangeline... so Baby Brotha Cow's costume went undocumented... wah wah.

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