When the Yolk Breaks...

Yesterday my yolk broke. What do I mean by that? I thought I was set up for the day. I had extra sleep. My husband did all the heavy work of the day... getting kids ready, packing snacks, food, diapers, etc. while I took a shower and leisurely dressed. I thought I was fine.

But then I wasn't feeling good.. and I was hormonal... and I had a break-down yesterday. Which was embarrassing because I hate for people to see me like that. I was weak and shaky (physically & emotionally). I was grumpy and tired. And everything I felt I was keeping pent up inside came spilling out. I just couldn't hold it it together. And it was yucky.

My heart was leaking all over the place. I felt burnt out and frustrated. The kids were acting up. The trip was long full of screaming, yelling, and are we there yets. And I was done... put a fork in me... done.

I don't know what was going on with me. Headache, check. Abdominal pain, check. Dizziness, check. Yeah, I had the symptoms down but that wasn't what bothered me.

It was that I couldn't figure out why then and there I was feeling overwhelmed. It was weird.

So I guess some days are just like that. Sometimes you just fall apart for no good reason. My attempts at being a good poached egg were ruined... The yolk ran...

Today's a new day. Enjoying a new day. Preparing for the party. Hamburgers and hotdogs for the grill. making home-made guacamole. I have peach mango salsa and yummy tortilla chips. Fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes from a farm not so many miles away. California Sunshine Salad (broccoli, carrots, raisins, pecans, poppyseed dressing & extra love). Fruit pizza (Mike's favorite) being made with cream cheese frosting, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

Fireworks are on hand. Citronella candles are in abundance.

Asking God to change my heart and attitude. Resting in the fact that He is faithful no matter how I FEEL on any given situation. I want to remember that. Happy or heartbroken, He remains the same!


Ashleigh said…
Love your honesty, Jennifer. I can SO relate!
Isabella Hodge said…
you are such an inspiration, Jennifer. thanks for posting this. (I'm sortof playing catchup with your blog...reading everything over the past couple months!)
I'm actually having a runny egg day now...i'm sorry you had a bad day, but i'm grateful for the reminder that i'm not the only one! xo

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