Carseat Time.

Guess who's possibly coming home tomorrow?  Ian!  He was circumcised today- poor baby.  He just needs to pass his car seat test and continue to keep on eating like he has been.  He's been taking all his feeds by bottle.  So he might come home tomorrow night.  Michael is doing well and has caught back up to his birth weight but still doesn't quite get what to do with a bottle... he's better at breast-feeding.  Anyway, since this is my last day to prepare and my last night to get some "real" sleep I'm going to go enjoy it.  Pleas pray for Mike as he studies for finals with a newborn at home :)


Judy said…
How very exciting!! Keep us posted!
erin. said…
Yay! Thinking of you guys. Hope the time away was relaxing!
Caren said…
Thats so exciting that Michael may come home tomorrow! Try to rest!
Wendy said…
Wow!! THat is great, and quick! Way to go Ian. I will be praying for you. How is Michael? How was the test? I bet he gets it pretty soon too!
Anonymous said…
They are so cute!! wow, how amazing! Love you friend

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