My birds.

Some birds had decided to build a nest in the wreath of my front door.  Some other birds have made a nest around the side door.  It's been a happening place.  I loved watching the mother bird's eggs grow and grow.  She actually laid a total of 6 eggs.  The birds have all hatched now and I still need to get a picture of their fuzzy little bodies and sweet open beaks.  I just hate to disturb her.  Spring is here.  I guess this is a sign of life around here.  Nesting.  Babies.  Etc.  Can't wait until mine are home.


Reaghan said…
aww how cute! that's so funny it happened to Jessica too!
Judy said…
Very cool! We had some birds lay eggs in our dryer vent a few years back. Not so cool as the eggs kept falling out... We have a bird box on our front porch & there are birds that nest in it every year. I love watching them.
Anonymous said…
Neat! We have a nest in one of our hanging baskets! The eggs haven't hatched yet though.

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