in Nags Head

Tales of the tired.  I was by myself the other night and was in the rest-room when I was completely startled.  I heard this loud popping sound.  was it a gun shot?  No.  I had forgotten that I was popping popcorn in the microwave.  Literally I had started the popcorn and went to the bathroom and completely forgot until I was startled.  I laughed at myself for a full 5 minutes.
Mike and I are getting a little break.  We're down in Nags Head by ourselves... a wonderful slight change of plans.  Our kids and his parents will be coming down today.  We had a nice night to ourselves.
This morning we're enjoying some coffee and cinnamon rolls.
yesterday was a good day.  We got to see the boys and they've been moved so that their crib beds are right next to each other.  I got to nurse both of them and they did a great job!
Anyway, I'm going to go enjoy time with my honey!
Here's our "just woke up" picture".


Ashleigh said…
Glad you're getting a little down time together!
Caren said…
Yay for time away! John and I are getting some at the end of the month when we go away for 2 nights for our anniversary! I cant wait! Enjoy your little break away!
Wendy said…
Love you Jenn, you know this is only the beginning of the forgetting...and you are laughing, what a great response!!!

Enjoy your day! Your boys look like they are doing so well. Gotta love that tummy sleeping, lol!!
Sara of Sweden said…
Hurray for quality time alone! You guys are soooo worth it! Hope the cinnamonrolls were made the swedish way =0)
Judy said…
So glad to hear you got some time away AND alone. :) How refreshing.
so glad you got some much needed and not long enough (or just long enough?) time away.
praying for your marriage in the midst of a storm of activity.

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