Happy May.


I loved taking pictures of them this morning.  michael nursed today and did great!  I was so pleased.  Ian was sleeping and didn't want to nurse. I was at the hospital from 9:30-3:00.  Long day for me.  I loved getting to hold them though.  I was able to be with Michael during his cranial sector scan and we should have the results from the doctor tomorrow. Mike is going to come home late, late, late tonight.  tomorrow we're going to go see the boys and then pick up the kids and go to Nags Head.  We'll leave the kids with their grandparents overnight and have a night to ourselves back home.  Saturday morning we'll go back and hang with the boys.  I'm looking forward to Mike getting to hold the boys and I keep hoping that Michael will be alert as he has been!  He loves to look around and his eyes get so big and happy.  Ian is continuing to gain weight.  He's over 5 lbs., 8 oz. and Michael is now 4 lbs, 2 oz.  They're both growing so much.  I love snuggling them and rubbing their heads.  Libby often plays "hospital" at home and has two baby dolls that she calls Ian and Michael.  It's really sweet.  She pretends to feed them and tells me often that they're sleeping.  Today she told me, "Mommy, you have princess eyes."  I wonder if it's because I've been wearing make-up lately.  Anyway, just glad that things are going well.  I feel pain-free (can even sleep on my tummy) but I am so exhausted.  My house is clean.  I'm fed.  Life is good.


Aren't they so cute!?


AmyB said…
These pictures make my heart happy! They look so good Jen!! Still praying for sweet Michael -so glad to hear how well they are both doing!!!! XOXO
Caren said…
Love the good news! I'm praying for the results tomorrow. Praying that they are completely normal! I know God can work miracles! Love you all!
Ginger said…
they really are beautiful boys--so amazing! Im happy to hear he fed well--praise God!
Also, I cant wait for the day to sleep on my stomach again--I realy miss that!
Natasha said…
Your babies are so adorable. I will pray that Michael's scan comes out completely normal!
Michelle said…
aww.... so sweet! I'm glad for your princess eyes too!
Sarah said…
They are sooooo precious. Look at their gorgeous little faces. You and Mike sure have some good genes!!

So glad to hear they are doing well and Libby and her baby dolls is the cutest thing ever. Praying for lots more blessings for your special family.

Big hugs xxxx
Ashleigh said…
So sweet! Glad to hear they are doing better and better.

And I loved hearing Libby say you have princess eyes. It always makes my day when my girls tell me I look like a princess. Coming from them, that's a high compliment!
Tess Bush said…
Jennifer they are so sweet! I Love the dark hair. :-)
Judy said…
Princess eyes... How sweet. :) Love the pics. You sound like you're doing well. I'm happy for you.
Sara of Sweden said…
Absolutely adorable! Oh how I wish I could get a hold of 1.500 dollars to come and hold and hug all 4 of your gorgeous kids!
Miss you so much friend! Did you reveive any O'boy from the mailman yet?
Anonymous said…
They are beautiful Jennifer!

Praise the Lord!

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