Interesting Life: AKA random thoughts.

Well, I can honestly say that my life is never really boring- it's interesting.  On Wednesday, before we went to pick up Ian, Libby and I had some "girl" time.  We went out to Starbucks... where she managed to completely smash her toe at the door... removing the entire toe-nail... poor girl.  Then when I was getting her back into the car a lady ran into me while I was strapping Libby in.  She literally was closing my side door on my leg with her SUV... thankfully I screamed... minimal car damage, minimal leg damage.

It was so great to take Ian home.  He's been doing well.  We're still trying to work on the nursing thing.  He really just wants a bottle because it's quick and easy.  I'm still trying to figure out when he's hungry and when he just wants to be held and so fusses. Mike has been a saint and taking the late night shift.

Wednesday night Samuel had a fever of 103.  His cough was crazy and his asthma was flaring.  So I took him to the doctor's Thursday morning.  The doctor thinks it's bacterial so he's on antibiotics... which is also giving him diarrhea... so he's had blow outs every morning and we have to change his sheets, bathe him, etc.... I took Ian for a follow-up appt. on Thursday... after I took Samuel.  He did great.  Everything looks really good.  Samuel has been sleeping a lot and I've been trying to keep him from Ian.

Libby loves being a big sister.  She loves to help with the baby.  Whenever Ian cries she says, "What's wrong with our baby?"  She loves changing his diaper and following me around... she's constantly underfoot.

I can honestly say though that I've been tired.  I was half-way through eating dinner a couple of nights ago when I looked down to discover the oven hand mitt still on my hand!

I've been feeling guilty.  I've only seen Michael twice since we've taken Ian home.  It's just been a lot juggling the kids at home and then trying to get to the hospital.

Tomorrow is Mother's day and it feels weird to not have all my kids at home.  Oh well.  Hopefully soon!

Mike has finals Monday, Tuesday and Friday of next week.  So this next week will be a bit challenging as Mike will be gone.

I look forward to sharing more later... maybe some coffee will help me get my thoughts in line :)


Ginger said…
Im sorry to hear all these ailments! A thought for Samuel-- red raspberry leaf tea is great for diarrhea and Lactinex is great to replace all the good bacteria he's losing with the meds. Lactinex is found at walgreens and I have some leaf tea if you want to try it. let me know
Anonymous said…
What a week! Praying for you.
Thanks for taking the time to share.
Love you.

Caren said…
I'm praying for you Jen! My oh My do you have your hands full. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
It was great to see you this week! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Kim
Ashleigh said…
Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer! I'm praying for you. Glad Ian is home and looking forward to hearing about the day Michael's also able to come home.

By the way, THANK YOU so much for Olivia's birthday card. You continually amaze me. Even in the midst of so much, you're so thoughtful.
Wendy said…
Jenn! I remember once eating standing up and CHarlie saying you can sit down you know...I was so used to standing, and exhausted. Glad Ian is doing so well. Love that you will have them all home soon. Take care girl!

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