Finding Joy.

My life isn't simple.  It's a bit chaotic, a lot of stress, fun, and craziness, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I've been coming to grips with the fact that I want my life to look "happy" and I want to be "happy".  But I'm not.

Yes, I love my family.  Yes, I am super blessed.  But I wouldn't characterize my life as happy.  I would describe it as joyful.  Or at least becoming joyful.  It is full of hardships and various trials and lots of problems and stress.... but at the center I have the Lord as my strength.  He is the one navigating me through the storms of life.  He is my peace and my hope.  He brings joy to my life.

One of the definitions of joy I found was: To take great pleasure; rejoice.  That's what I'm doing... I'm taking great pleasure and rejoicing in God.  He is my comfort.  He is my source of strength and hope.

I know other definitions talk about joy as an elated feeling and happiness... but I'm past "feelings".  Not that I don't feel :)  It's just that I know there is more to life than how I feel.  I'm choosing to be content in the midst of difficulty, that's how I would define joy: finding contentment in the midst of difficulty.

Well, I need to go... just some thoughts on joy.  Hope your week-end is excellent.


Lizzy said…
Jenn~ you are such a source of constant inspiration and encouragement to me! so glad you and Mike are back in the area. i truly look forward to serving you and spending time with you this summer (nine more days of school...yippee!!!) praying for you and the fam! xoxoxo
LiAnn said…
I am so proud of you, friend. And I can appreciate your is truly inspiring, as Lizzy said. Miss you...

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