Coolest Dinosaur cake ever!

Dino Hats

Not your ordinary nuggets

dino herd

Yes, I froze little dinos to make dino cubes 
Samuel wanted to have a dinosaur themed birthday party this year. I had a lot of fun finding different things that would go along with this theme. I found cool dinosaur "hats" for the kids to wear. We had PB&J brontosaurus sandwiches for the herbivores and dino nuggets for the carnivores.

They each crafted their own bags to take home with dinosaur stickers. We had a archaeological dig and looked for dinosaur bones and Mike read our favorite Dino book (Tyrannosaurus Drip.)

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the kids (except for Michael)... I was too focused on the party and helping the kids have fun... Which was a good thing. These are just the bare bones pics I snapped.
Michael, our friendly dinosaur

Grateful for a fun time had by all and the chance to celebrate Samuel's life!


Unknown said…
So cute, Jen!! I love this! Dave and I really wish we could have been there. Love you and hope to see you soon!

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