The blessing of Pink Eye

This afternoon I had to run some errands. I decide to wait until Libby and Samuel came home and take them with me and Ian. Peter was home napping (supervised) and Michael was off at therapy.

While in line at the post office I look Samuel full in the face... and I notice a bright pink eye. Oh no. Conjunctivitis strikes again! I just had it two weeks ago. I asked Samuel if it was itchy and he told me it was terribly itchy. I tell him to touch no one and pull out sanitizer for his hands.

When we get to the car I tell Libby and Ian that they too will need to sanitize as soon as we get to the parking lot of our next destination (Wal-Mart). I place a call and leave a message for the triage nurse explaining Samuel's eye.

So, finally, we reach our destination. Car is parked and I am passing out pumps of sanitizer. Well, Ian is leaning over Libby and accidentally moves his hand and the sanitizer slides off... right into Libby's eye. So Libby is screaming and hysterical.

I get out of the car. Open her door. Unbuckle her and pull her out. She's quite the drama queen so I am sure you can imagine the scene. It looks like I'm terrorizing my child. I pull out my oversized 64 oz. water bottle and tell her we need to flush her eye. She freaks out more... She doesn't understand what on earth I'm talking about.

I try to get her to tilt her head back and she's fighting me the whole way as I dump water on her eye... and on her face, hair, and coat. She figures it out and finally lets me do it with eye half open I flush her eye. Now, she's crying because she's all wet.

Tears subside. We make a return. Mission accomplished.

We get back to the house in time for the doctor's office to call and tell us I will need to bring Samuel in to the office at 6:30 tonight (in 2 hours).... Oy. We have plans to celebrate Mike's birthday with his family that evening (Chinese & ice-cream cake)...

Samuel and I leave before dinner to get to the appointment on time. On the way to the doctor's office I am listening to Joyce Meyer. Samuel is playing a video game casually listening to Joyce talk about God. Suddenly he asks me, "Mom, what happens if you don't trust God?" I turn off my CD.

I talk with Samuel about the deeper things of life. This has been an ongoing conversation for the past several months. While he continues to play Mario, we talk about Jesus and sin and Heaven and Hell. We talk about our need for a Savior.

He tells me he wants to know that he's going to go to Heaven. So I tell Samuel that he needs to ask Jesus to forgive him for his sins. He pauses his video game and prays simply and forthrightly for Jesus to forgive him of his sins.

The sun is setting and his video game resumes but my heart is filled with fresh excitement. My recently turned seven year old is wanting a relationship with God. Samuel told me He wants to trust and believe God.

He told me that when he goes to Heaven he will see Jesus and Auntie Libby.

We got to the doctor's office and we played tic-tac-toe while we waited to see the dr. He asked, "Can I be the 'x's' because I'm the sick man?" I let him be 'X' and I'm the 'O'. I even let him go first.

After a few games Samuel draws a map of North, South, East & West. We play a game of connect the dots.

Turns out he does have pink eye and the other eye is starting to get infected. We picked up meds at Target and came home. He got to play one round of Go-Fish with his uncle and grandparents and then it was time to hit the hay.

It's amazing how in the midst of life and in every day living miracles happen. I am so thankful that Samuel is sensitive and responding to the Holy Spirit. God is at work in my little boy, pink eyes and all.

Who knew that an unexpected yet ordinary moment would lead


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