Angry Bird-Day!

The twins decided for their birthday to have "Angry Birds" as their theme. It was a fun time had by all. One of the highlights was the amazing cake created by the fabulous Heather Hughes. That woman has some serious creative talent!

I used angry birds blankets as a makeshift table cloth. I set up all their stuffed angry birds and balls and other paraphernalia as decoration. Mike came up with the idea to have angry bird bowling. This was a total hit. The kids took fluffy and fuzzy angry birds and knocked down pins.

Ian and Michael continue to remind me most every day that they are five now... as if I need to be reminded :) Yikes, they are growing up!

The cake to end all cakes!

the birds

versus the pigs

chocolate gluten-free cupcakes with angry bird rings as toppers

"Happy Birthday to you" brings smiles on their faces

Birthday boys Ian & Michael.
Ian: "Mom, do you know we were born on the same day?
Me: "Uh yeah, believe me, I was there, I know it!"


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