Doing, Doing, Done.

It's midnight and I can't sleep. I'm tired. I've been going strong today. Cleaned out the car. Swept. Dishes. Fold laundry. Emptied trash. Put away accumulated cardboard into recycling bin. Wiped counters at least 3 times. Vacuumed rugs. Organized my room. Cared for kids. Over 13 + hours of go, go, go before I went to Caregroup tonight.

So it's amazing I don't look like my husband right now who is passed out. My poor love is so exhausted. Working so hard. 45 minute commute to work and 45 minute commute back. Up early to help me get kids ready for school, take Ian to school and then work and then come home and get ready to go to Caregroup.

But I'm making a list of all that needs to be done tomorrow. Libby has to go to the dentist. Michael has therapy. I'm trying to have some time with a friend whose moving out of state. I hope to exercise. Clean my bathroom. Make 3 very important phone calls regarding medical appts, billing, and etc. Re-arrange the mud room downstairs so it's ready for my grandmother next week. Clean out the garage some. So I had to write a note to myself so I wouldn't forget all I'm trying to accomplish.

Now my lids are getting heavy. Wondering if I can paint my nails and let them dry as I fall asleep or if they'll get ruined. Tough decisions.

But here's the thing about all that I've said. God will still love me just the way I am even if I don't do another thing. He won't be extra pleased with me by all I do and accomplish. I could do a hundred things and He won't love me more for that.

What a wonderful thing to know that Christ's work is perfect, sufficient, and more than enough. He accomplished what needed to be done and I can rest in what He's done. Because I am in Christ I can be at peace knowing that when God looks at me He sees Jesus Christ's perfect life and righteousness... and is gets attributed to me. That's pretty crazy amazing.

What an awesome God I have. His Love and Faithfulness uphold and sustain me in the midst of my daily life. He carries me when I'm tired and overwhelmed. And He loves me because I am His, not because of what I've done but because of what He's done for me. I am precious to Him. I belong to Him.

What love. What grace. What a Savior.


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