Watching 8 children under eight.

Yesterday there were 8 children in my home. 8 children eight and under. Now, this was by choice. I watched my friends very delightful children for a good part of the day. 

We had a 9 month old, two 2 year olds, an almost 4 year old. two 5 year olds, a 7 year old and an 8 year old. You would think it was crazy train over here but it was actually relatively peaceful. The kids seemed to neutralize each other. They were all very entertained and distracted by one another.

There was much laughter, playfulness, joking, shrieking, chasing, and song-singing. Some highlights included Samuel shouting out incorrectly Evangeline's nickname of Doodle. He kept calling her "Noodle! Noodle!" (very funny)

I loved getting to play with Adeline (AKA Baby Bird or Birdie). She was such a doll and so fun to feed and engage with. She loved soft books and I gave her a fun soft doll that she enjoyed batting around and mouthing. Elliot and I played with foam blocks for a while and he eventually got tired of knocking my towers and engaged playing with me and we built some great towers together. 

I loved hearing the mixture of laughter among my kids and our guests. I loved their joyful faces and cheerful voices. It was fun having a snack of goldfish and then rainbow chocolate chip cookies :) The kids ate dinner well and then it was time for Mike and I to bring the fantastic three back to their home. That was the only time there were sad faces or tears.

I had originally planned to take the kids to the zoo but was glad we bowed out with the rainy and stormy weather. I also was blessed with the help of my husband who was sweet and affectionate with all of the kids and a huge help enabling me to smoothly carry out diaper changing, bottle-making, and naptime routines. Later in the afternoon Danielle also came to my aide (thanks Dani). I was able to take a breather for a few minutes and read a book. While "resting" I could hear Adeline waking from her nap and I had some fun snuggle time playing with her on the bed. Oh, 9 months can be such a fun age!

What a blessing to have other children to play with and enjoy. 

Samuel finishing schoolwork before our friends show

"Bad to the bone" Peter in his new shades


Ian & Evangeline- smoothie king and queen

Libby feeding baby bird

Libby and Evangeline in their created "crowns"

Libby, Evangeline & Elliot


Charissa said…
"The kids seemed to neutralize each other." LOL!! So true and a great way to word it :)

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