Not above bribery...

I had a day this week when Mike was gone out of town and I was managing the kids solo and I had a horrific headache that I stooped to bribery. For some extra z's I kind of let things go. Peter was up and Samuel had stayed home due to exhaustion. Peter came and brought me a candy bracelet. I totally opened the package and let him have it. Yes, candy for breakfast people.

For a while I could hear him quietly and contentedly playing on the floor next to me. This was what he was doing...

He pulled open my purse and pulled out everything. Wet wipes. Credit cards. MVP grocery/pharmacy cards. Pens. Paper. Floss. Yes, I carry crazy stuff in my purse. Stamps. Birthday cards. Lipgloss. Hand lotion. Sheesh.

He was busy working on investigating skills while I was trying to survive the morning. Sometimes a little candy goes a long way...


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