Another trip to the zoo.

Lately I feel like I live at the zoo in Norfolk. Actually, I do live in a zoo at home :)

Michael's school field trip was yesterday and I went with Peter. I know it made Michael's day that we were there. He kept dragging me along and yanking on the stroller so that we would move forward to get to the all important elephants. I kept explaining it was important to stay with his class.

The best news of all was talking with his teacher Amy. Amy said the news that I've been praying for the past four months. "We are going to move him up to Kindergarten this fall!"

I nearly keeled over with relief and excitement. She had wanted him to stay back and do something different. I wasn't quite sure what to do but trusted her judgement and began praying.

But yes, he will be in Kindergarten in an inclusion class. His IEP (individualized education program) will make adjustments and allowances for him. I'm thrilled. When I told Mike he was thrilled.

So among the giraffes and zebras and tigers and lions I was doing a praise you Jesus dance in my heart.

Miracles happen... even in the midst of the zoo.
Checking out the bear with classmates

Michael, excited to be with his friends at the zoo

Little Brother



Elephants- FINALLY!!!

this lion loves to sleep- 3rd time I've caught him sleeping at the zoo

"animals" at the zoo

caged class

behind bars

exhausted after a long fun day


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