Broken Down.

Mike's car is kaput. It has also broken down... but it's gone bye-bye. We are now looking for a small, reliable vehicle. We're not talking fancy or pretty even, just something that works and isn't a gas hog.

There are days where we all break down. Days where we try to give and there's nothing left. I feel like a car trying to run on empty. All that's left are remainders of gas fumes... but no substance. I can get so caught up in how I feel that I can start to believe that there is NO hope. But there is. This feeling too will pass. I will be encouraged and refreshed again. But for today I'm broken. I want to cry and curl up into a shell and not come out. I want to soak in the bath for an hour until my skin is more wrinkled than a pug. I want to cry until my salty tears burn my cheeks. And then sleep knowing that tomorrow is a new day with new grace... with new hope and new promises. This won't last. It's a feeling. But My God... My Big Eternal God is everlasting and ever faithful. He will not leave me despairing or forsaken.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

main entry- burned out.
function: adjective
1: worn-out ; also : exhausted
2: destroyed by fire


Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, I'm praying for you.
Jessica Rockey said…
Love and prayers

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