Loving Jesus.

As I write this I'm aware that it's far too late and I'm far too tired to be completely coherent. So bear with me.

I've been thinking lately about Jesus. How sweet and precious He is to me. How radical a man. A servant of all. The King of Kings. God and human. A man who cared for the poor, the sick, the broken, for women and outcasts. Jesus was not afraid to tell it like it is. He was not afraid to destroy the religious people of His day.

It made me wonder... who am I? Am I more religious or am I more like Christ? I get caught up with how efficient and productive I am. I get caught up in thinking that my worth is based on what I've done (praying, reading Scripture, serving others, etc.) rather than what He has done. What He has finished. If only I could truly come to terms with the fact that He won't love me more or less because of what I have or haven't done. He truly loves me. That amazes me. How can someone completely know me... my heart, mind, soul, body-know my every flaw and imperfection and still love me?! Isn't it wonderful to be wholely accepted as we are? To not have to "change" for Him. He accepts us right where we are. He doesn't ask us to be fixed before we come to Him... He takes the broken pieces and fixes it... He takes the gaping wounds and brings healing.... He takes the dead, rotting corpse and brings it back to life.

My brother (in-law) David asked me a question I will never forget. He said, "Why did Jesus come?" Jesus Himself answers the question (John 10:10)... "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." ABUNDANT LIFE!!!

Who is this amazing liberator, healer? The One who has come to set captives free and break the bonds? The One who brings dead to life... the conqueror of death! His name is Jesus. Oh what sweet glorious news... I don't have to have it together. I don't have to try harder and do more. I don't have to be fixed or perfect... I can lay myself at His feet and surrender... and He loves me where I am. What joy!

I love Jesus.


Caren said…
Jen, have you ever thought about writing a devotional book? All your posts are mostly like little devotionals...you should consider it. REALLY! I think it would bless a lot of people. Love you!
Anonymous said…

I've been thinking about Jesus this week too. Thinking about everything I try to bring to Him...everything I fail to bring to Him.

We must be still and behold Him...and as we see Him and surrender our hearts to Him...we are transformed into His likeness. We cannot change ourselves in our own strength. That is slavery. Bondage to the law. We have been given such amazing grace in the salvation of Jesus Christ. He has done everything on our behalf and lovingly and tenderly leads us to His heart.

So grateful we were not saved for a religion but a relationship with the Maker and Sustainer of the Universe. His love is SO deep. SO gracious. All consuming...

Thanks for bringing the fragrance of Christ to my day.


Lizzy said…
I agree with Caren's comment above. I would definitely buy it! =)

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