Okay, so I feel like there are a million things I can post on... Easter. Our friend's wedding. My Grandma in the hospital. My Aunt Jo getting sick again. Samuel and schooling... and the IEP coming up. Therapy stuff. Surgery Prep stuff. ENT for Michael tomorrow. The zoo this past week-end and the twins birthday (Friday) and party (Sunday)... okay, whew... so there is no time for all of that anytime soon...

So I will randomly at times post on what's going on and try to play catch-up. How does that sound?

Our van has passed inspection and is ready to be picked up. (miracle) Mike has substitute teaching tomorrow (which he loves, loves, loves) and I have Michael's ENT appointment in the afternoon!

I'm trying to take a little time to focus on my needs. Things like not skipping meals. Getting more exercise in. And just trying to take better care of myself in general.

Mike has been really sick with a head cold/sinus/headache/achey body thing. Poor babe. He's been miserable.

Libby has been singing, dancing, playing, coloring, card-making, and just creating in general. She's singing a song about butterflies and has made up lyrics about dancing like a butterfly... it's pretty cute.

Michael has been fussy and in pain lately. Makes me wonder if he has another double ear infection... which would not be surprising. He also has red eyes that have been leaking lately... so I think he also has allergies.

My Grandma is in the hospital. She started having some dizzy spells and seeing stars and was taken by ambulance late last week. She was supposed to go home on Saturday but has had to stay because they found clots in her lungs. She's on a strong anti-coagulant right now to thin out her blood. I wish I could see her more. I've only been able to go once...

I have an IEP meeting scheduled with Samuel's teacher for this Thursday. There are already some major stress factors going into this...

I am tired but have been choosing to eat well... big salads, lots of fruits and veggies... so I hope this good food will give me good energy.

Off to save the world... okay, or maybe just save my sanity...


Anonymous said…
miss you Jennifer! Laura and love when mike teaches. Hope I can come over soon!

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