Do a little dance.

I don't know how it happened but it was just as I looked at my photos that I realized Libby didn't get a picture with her ballet teacher, Miss Jessica. Shame. Shame. Good thing Jessica and I are friends and we can make up the picture another time!

Thought it would be fun to give you a little "taste" of her ballet performance. She did a great job! It was so fun to watch all these little munchkins demonstrate their skills.

Thanks Jessica for teaching Libby! She loves ballet and even today has been twirling around the kitchen. You have managed to change her from a "princess" as she used to insist on, to now a ballerina or ballet girl which is now her new reference to self.

It was a great day.


AmyB said…
SOOOO cute! Can't believe how big Libby is!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful time of watching our Tina Ballerina dance and express her joy in dance. Thanks Jessica for your wonderful gift that yo are passing on to these little ones. Blessings on you as you grow closer to the delivery of your Heaven sent gift.
Libby, what a joy and delight to see you grow in "skills" and in the Grace of our Lord.
Sarah said…
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Sarah said…
Cute cute cute! How precious?!! Libby is the most beautiful ballerina and learning from Jessica must be lovely...

Miss you friend, but it is wonderful to see all of your smiling faces. You Napiers rock!

Lots of love xxx
Jessica Rockey said…
Love the pix! Love having Libby in class!

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